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A music class and CRECER piano class in Ojima, Koto-ku (8 minutes walk from Ojima Station and Higashi-Ojima Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line).

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​CRECER Piano Class Introduction-Performance and lesson scenery-

​ Lesson menu

① Piano class using Steinway grand piano

A piano classroom equipped with three Steinway grand pianos (two lesson rooms) was born in Oshima.

We carry out lessons using a full concert grand piano, which is rare in Japan.

A lesson environment where you can acquire the ability to "listen" to the "sound" necessary for piano education under the best instructors such as the instructors who won the instructor award at the All Japan Piano Instructors Association and active pianists. We will provide. ​​


​CRECER Piano classroom features

② We carry out our original counseling (free of charge)

Home practice is essential for reliable piano improvement. In our classroom, we do not "Goodbye when the piano lesson is over", but we offer our original counseling that teaches how to practice at home for families and individuals. Through this counseling, we will support students to acquire the "ability to solve problems", "ability to overcome difficulties", and "ability to act on their own" necessary for life by accumulating successful experiences of students through habituation of practice. ..

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​ ③ Many prizes in the piano competition

In the competition, advanced to the Tokyo tournament in the piano section of the All Japan Student Music Competition , won the best prize & 2nd place in the national finals of the Pitina Piano Competition, silver prize, bronze prize (A1 grade, B grade, D grade, duet beginner, duet intermediate A, In addition to B, 2 piano beginners), at the Chopin International Competition In Asia, he was selected for the Asian competition as a finalist (preschooler (online), 1st and 2nd grade elementary school, 3rd and 4th grade elementary school). , We have advanced to the final of the Osaka International Music Competition , and the practice habits are steadily leading to results.

Playing on a big stage, going up to the podium, etc., connecting daily practice to a successful experience, each person is growing with confidence.Click here for details of the competition course.

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