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​ Pre-introduction course (first piano, for preschoolers)

​ This is a course for children who are new to the piano. [Three times a month, 8,000 yen a month]

here we go! Let's touch the piano with the teacher.

Sitting in front of a big piano, I'm thrilled!

​ This is a course for children who are new to the piano.

At our school, we attach great importance to the "hand shape" and "finger position" to produce a good sound.

Correcting the wrong "hand shape" or "finger position" after you can play it to some extent requires a lot of effort , and children may hate practicing.

Now that you are beginning to touch the piano, it is important to acquire the correct shape.

​ Start by remembering your finger numbers and hand shapes.

Using small dolls and glittering beads, we will carefully guide your child's "I want to try!" In an easy-to-understand manner.

"Which is your right hand?"

"Let's raise your left hand!"

While using a lot of eyes, ears, and body, we will enjoy working with the instructor.

This learning is also useful for left-right discrimination, which is also asked in elementary school exams.

At the same time, you will learn the basics of reading music.

Together with the fluffy and cute mascots, we will deepen our understanding while expressing the notes in color and step up to the next course.

* Indispensable for lessons when starting piano learning

・ Be able to take the attitude of listening to the teacher's story properly.

・ You can take lessons without getting off the piano chair (without standing).

・ You can proceed with lessons safely.

We will confirm such things.

In some cases, you may be asked to be guided to a rhythmic class or to enroll in a pre-introduction course.

We appreciate your understanding for the safe and secure lessons.

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