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Data as of January 2018.

What kind of children are attending the CRECER piano class? I get a lot of questions

I tried to make a graph from various angles in an easy-to-understand manner! Click here for the actual lesson scenery.


Since the classroom has just started, many preschoolers who are "children learning the piano for the first time" go to nursery schools and kindergartens.


Half of the elementary school students are children who have been transferred from other classrooms, and half of the children have started playing the piano from elementary school. In some cases, a child who has been absent from taking an elementary school exam may start playing the piano again.


In addition, students in the upper grades of elementary school are often in parallel with taking the junior high school exam, and counseling talks about "efficient practice methods" aimed at balancing studying for the junior high school exam.

The male-female ratio is half and half beautiful!



Next is the male-female ratio of preschoolers, which is the number one volume zone.


What! There are more boys 👦

According to data from the All Japan Piano Instructors Association (PTNA), the number of "piano boys" has increased remarkably in recent years, and the participation rate in boys' competitions has increased significantly.


The piano uses the eyes, ears, body, and head all at the same time.

Because everything is done at the same time, the children are challenging the lessons with considerable concentration.


I feel that the piano is accepted by both men and women because it is a lesson to develop concentration using the whole body, and it has been evaluated that it leads to the training of the mind and body including the brain.


  After all, there are many people near you.

Since it is close to the neighboring Edogawa Ward, the number of students from Edogawa Ward has increased 🤗.


In addition, considering inquiries, we may receive contact not only from the 23 wards of Tokyo but also from the West Tokyo area.


In particular, since we have won awards in competitions in our classroom, we often receive inquiries from people who are far away, who take more than an hour each way, about practice methods and lessons for the competition.


I think that Oshima and Higashi-Ojima are easy to reach even for students who go to school by train, such as private elementary schools and junior high schools.


■ Next is [means of commuting to school].


Because it is near by, many people come by bicycle, followed by a car.

In the car family, brothers often come to the lessons together, and we have received comments that they can move at once and are not affected by the weather. (There are multiple coin parking lots in front of you and nearby)


What did you think?

CRECER I hope you can feel the atmosphere and temperature of the piano classroom 💕

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