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In our classroom, we have adopted a monthly fee-based lesson system according to the "difficulty of the music" and the "desired performance level".

​ We provide a wide range of guidance from beginners to experienced people.

First of all, we will listen to your request with a free trial lesson, and after counseling, we will decide the monthly fee and curriculum.

Lessons are available 3 times a month for 30 minutes.

​ Time can be extended. Please feel free to contact us.

An admission fee of 5,000 yen will be charged.

​ * Free trial lessons are limited to once per person.

* Counseling after the lesson is by request. Preschoolers are required to be accompanied by a guardian as we will talk about how to practice at home.

​ * Teaching materials are not included.

​ * Lessons are for children and students.

​ Please check here for lesson recruitment slots.






プレ導入コース 月額9,000円 ピアノに触れることが初めての未就学のお子さま向け。リトミック要素を含みながらピアノに楽しく触れていきます。



子どものピアノコース 月額10,000円〜 当教室のメインコースです。「響き」を聴くことに重点を置いたレッスンが特徴です。



レッスン後のカウンセリング 0円 レッスンの後に復習ポイントを振り返ります。学年に応じて「自分で書く」ことにシフトし、自ら進んで練習ができるように指導します。



絶対音感コース 月額5,000円 幼少期にしか身につかない絶対音感。音楽能力に良い影響があるほか、集中力や暗記能力の向上にも役立つため、受験をお考えのお子さまにも活用されています。



ピアノコンクール、 音楽学校受験コース  月額16,000円〜(30分〜/回) 全国大会や国際大会での受賞を目指したレッスンを行います(年齢不問)。

江東区のピアノ教室 CRECERピアノ教室主宰
​Yamashita Maya
​ Pitina Leader Award Winner

Presided over, in charge of counseling


After graduating from university, after working at Nippon Menard Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd., he presided over the CRECER Piano Class. Mother of 4 children including twin boys.

While working full-time at Recruit Staffing, he started full-scale piano education for twin boys at the age of four. Although he has no experience of learning the piano himself, he listens to the lessons together, thinks about how to convey it to small children, and accompanies him to practice at home. As a result, all-Japan student music contest piano section junior high school students advance to Tokyo tournament, Pitina piano competition national final tournament A1, B, D class, duet beginner, duet intermediate A, duet intermediate B, two piano beginners for 7 years Participation in a row. Received the silver prize for the duet intermediate A, the bronze prize for the duet intermediate B, and the second place in the whole country for the two piano beginners. He won the Best Award and above in all other classes and won the 2017 and 2019 Pitina Leaders Awards. In addition, at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia, two people will be finalists at the same time for the second consecutive year, and will be the finalists in the piano section of the Osaka International Music Competition.

​ The CRECER Piano Class was opened to convey to many people the know-how for securing daily practice and maintaining motivation while having a job.

江東区のピアノ教室 優秀指導者賞受賞経験のある講師
​Kou Mikuni (pianist)

Lesson charge (pre-introduction & children's piano course)


Born in Tokyo in 1986. After working at Toho Girls' High School Music Department (co-education) and Toho Gakuen University Music Department Performance Department, completed the Master's Program at Toho Gakuen Graduate School Music Graduate School Music Department in 2011. He has studied under Atsushi Mitani, Yoko Kitamura, Yoshimi Tamaki, Keiko Mikami, Akira Wakabayashi, and Minoru Nojima.

Conducted by Robert Leiker in January 2007 / Tokyo Sinfonia (Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21), Prima Vista (Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23) in May 2008, and Yugo Matsumura in September 2008. / Kiriho Festival Special Orchestra, conducted by Kazuyoshi Akiyama in October 2010 / Kiriho Academy Orchestra (both are Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on the theme of Paganini), co-starring and soloist.

Click here for details

​ Momo Nozaki (pianist)

Lesson charge (pre-introduction & children's piano course)


Born in Tokyo. Lives in Belgium from 2005 to 2009. Started playing the piano in earnest there.
Concours de musique Breughel 2009 5th place and Audience Award, awarded a piano by Hanlet.
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University and is currently enrolled in the first year of the master's program at the same graduate school.
Performed at the 8th European International Piano Competition in Japan Bronze Award, Winners Memorial Gala Concert.
5th in the 29th Classical Music Competition National Competition.
Take special lessons by P. Devoyon and M. Voskresensky at Toho Gakuen University. In 2018, take a special lesson by A. Mndoyants at the Tchaikovsky Memorial National Moscow Conservatory. The 29th Kyoto French Music Academy and the 40th Kusatsu Summer International Music Academy are completed. Take special lessons by E. Strosser and Hiromi Okada at each academy.
He has studied piano under Makiko Marutani, chamber music under Takumi Kubota and Seiji Kageyama.
Currently studying under Ms. Shiisoko Tsuruzono.

​ Amano Hatsuna (pianist)

Lesson charge (pre-introduction & children's piano course)


After graduating from Aichi Prefectural Meiwa High School Music Department, graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Instrumental Music Course, and completed the Master's Program in the Department of Keyboard Instruments, Graduate School of Music, Aichi University of the Arts. While attending university, she performed in solo and duo fresh concerts and up-and-coming performer concerts selected by the university.
Selected for the national competition at the Pitina Piano Competition E and F grades. The 23rd Aichi Piano Competition Gold Award. Participated in the 7th Russian Piano School in Tokyo. Winner of the 12th Japan Performers Competition National Competition. Appeared in the fresh concert vol.3 of the concert by those who passed the audition. The 24th Japanese Classical Music Competition University Women's Division 5th place. The 2nd Kariya International Music Competition Encouragement Award. Obtained a diploma from Germany Internationale Klavierakademie Murrhardt in 2015.
He has studied under Michiru Kasuna, Atsuko Shimizu, Emperor Shimizu, Hideto Nishikawa, Kenichiro Suzuki, and Evgeny Zarafiants.

​ Risa Wakabayashi (pianist)
Immagine del 14-11-20 alle 19.35.jpeg

Lesson charge (pre-introduction & children's piano course)


After graduating from Hyogo Prefectural Nishinomiya High School Music Department, graduated from Kobe College Music Department. Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School

Completed the Graduate School of Music. Selected for the 13th Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA National Convention, 12th Japan

Participated in the National Competition for the Performers, Participated in the National Competition for the 23rd Japanese Classical Music Competition,

Received the Gold Award at the 4th European International Piano Competition National Competition. While attending school, Kobe College Alumni Association

Granted by Club Fantasy, Mozarteum University of Music Summer International Music Academy

Obtained a diploma at. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Steinway & Sons Kobe, etc.

Held a recital. He also organizes many concerts. Currently playing a wide range of solos, chamber music, accompaniment, etc.

Do activities. He has studied under Noboru Inoue, Yuko Todoroki, Akemi Yamagami, and Hiroyuki Abe.

​日髙 真希(ピアニスト)



ピティナ ・ピアノコンペティション、クラシック音楽コンクールショパンピアノコンクール in Asia、大阪国際音楽コンクール、ベートーヴェン国際ピアノコンクールなどで受賞多数。日本香港国際音楽コンクール(香港)にて第3位。
モーツァルテウム夏期国際音楽アカデミー(オーストリア)、ムジークアルプ夏期国際音楽アカデミー(フランス)、ミュージックセミナー in ゆうばり等、国内外の数々のセミナーに参加する。



​竹内 麻優(ピアニスト





ツ国立ハンブルク音楽演劇大学(Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg)ピアノ専攻修士



(Schloss Nymphenburg / ドイツ・ミュンヘン)にてリサイタルアーティストとして招かれたほか、

ドイツ紙 Die neue Barftgaans では2022年バードベフェンゼンでの演奏に際し「彼女は作品の








これまでにピアノを Mariya Yankova、Ralf Nattkemper、竹内啓子、本村久子、秦はるひ、宮

崎洋子、前澤麻子各氏に師事。室内楽の通年クラスとしてNiklas Schmidt 氏らに師事。そのほか

にIMAS (ソリストのための国際音楽アカデミー)、ミュンヘン国際音楽セミナー、ラ・フォルジュ



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