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​ Children's piano course (for elementary school students, including beginners)

​ This is a course for elementary school children. [3 times a month for 30 minutes each, monthly fee from 9,000 yen]

​ You can play more and more! You can read more and more!

​ This is an elementary school piano course that will improve your physical strength and knowledge.

​ (* Monthly fee varies depending on proficiency in piano learning, etc.)

It is a time when even beginner children can sit in front of the piano and learn the piano by themselves.

Around this time, I have acquired athletic ability and intelligence, so it is time to absorb the teacher's teachings.

If you are a beginner, you don't have to rush.

Many children learn notes and scales in a blink of an eye, and the "steadily" songs progress, so it's a fun start.

Experienced people, let's study the basics well.

If you make your finger shape or posture "unpleasant", you will have to modify the form after you grow up. The habit once attached is hard to heal. In order to feel the sound with good sound, I will practice while wearing a good posture to make it.

As you start learning the piano, the lesson will proceed while firmly holding down the points that you must remember in the early stages, such as how to sit and posture in the chair.

I will explain to my parents so that I can set the height of the chair and footrest properly and practice it at home.

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