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Piano duo "Onii-chan's" performance request by Junichiro Yamashita and Soichiro

As a volunteer, I perform performances at nearby nursery schools, kindergartens, facilities for children with disabilities, and hospitals.

Junichiro Yamashita and Soichiro's piano duo "Onii-chan's", which won numerous awards as finalists at the Pitina Piano Competition and the Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia, visited various facilities, hospitals, nursery schools and kindergartens. We convey the wonderfulness and fun of the piano.

We hope that small children who rarely listen to live piano music on a daily basis and those who are in the hospital will be pleased to hear it ​.

<Please read>

・ We carry out as a part of volunteer activity

・ Performance is free

・ It will be a program of about 20 to 30 minutes.

​ ・ The range of activities is near Koto Ward.

(Please contact us for more information)

・ Schedule will be limited in consideration of compatibility with academics

Click here to request a performance

We have accepted a performance request. Please wait for the reply from the person in charge.

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