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​ How can I be good at playing the piano?

Take advantage of our unique free counseling.

​ We will support you in habituating your practice by thinking together about how to practice at home and how to improve your motivation.

[Practice at home is essential for improving piano learning]

The improvement of the piano depends on "how many things are taught" in the lesson .

If you don't practice enough at home, even if you go to the lesson, you will not be able to proceed to the next step, saying, "I haven't done the same place as last week, so I'll do it again."

As a result, even if you take lessons, you will not be able to learn new techniques, and you will end up in a vicious circle of "not getting better" or "it's boring because it's always fixed" just by repeating the same thing every week.

​ What turns this virtuous circle into a virtuous circle is how to practice well and how to practice .

​ [What is good practice? ]

Nothing is more sad than practicing at home is wasted.

I practiced hard, but the teacher didn't praise me. I didn't get Hanamaru. Because there is a problem in how to practice. You will be able to produce the sound you imagined just by changing the "approach" of the practice . This kind of practice is "practice to get better" .


However, you will not be good at it only once.

It is necessary to "habituate" "practice to be good" every day.

As a matter of fact, during the lesson, I'm full of learning about songs.

I think there are many people who do not fully understand how to practice well.

​ [Image of utilizing our counseling]

At our school, we provide counseling after lessons to support "how to practice well" and "habituation of practice" (free of charge).

We are telling students the "practice tips" cultivated by winning prizes in domestic and international competitions, along with actual experiences.

We hope that the joy of improving through the piano will lead to a successful experience and that children will grow up with confidence.

for example,,,

■ The sound slips → It doesn't slip anymore! Practice pushing the keyboard all the way down

■ Sound is lost → Eradicate mistouch! Repetitive practice with parents and children

■ Don't practice in the first place → Effective techmen available at 100-yen shops! Visualization sheet for daily practice

■ Children can't practice alone while their parents are away from work → "I can do it alone!" Creating a practice menu that children can do alone and "Connecting with a heart even if they are away" Guidance on how to relate to parents

​ In addition, the practice method to breathe soul into the song "I am an actress! "

As a time to derive a practice method and approach to change the "impossible" that each child has to "can"

​ You are using counseling.

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