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Get through piano education

​ I want to convey wonderful growth.

Steadily and steadily every day.

It's natural but difficult.

​ We support personalized growth.

What is the purpose of choosing "lessons"? ​

All my friends are learning something.

It's nice to play the piano.

Because I liked the piano.

To prepare for the exam.

I think there are various purposes such as.

My sons have been learning the piano since the age of four.


Through piano education

I want to raise a child who studies and practices every day.

I want to raise a child who is willing to act toward his goals.

I wanted to have such an education and have been raising children.

However, children don't move as easily as they want.

If you leave it alone, it will skip. It's frustrating to see it. And scold. It is the continuation.

At this rate, we will get tired of each other.

​ It's no good as it is now. Let's change the way of thinking!

Utilizing daily lessons, "accumulation of small success experiences to receive flower circles"

"Achieving goals in a short period of time" and "joy of receiving awards" using the piano competition

"Repetitive practice" and "basic practice" to correct mistakes and habits

Through various practice methods so as not to get bored

How can I do it?

How can I play it? While thinking about ​ facing common issues between parents and children,

I felt that piano education that clears problems is the most suitable for developing "problem-solving skills."

As a result, he won the domestic and international piano competitions that his family won for seven consecutive years.


I believe that this successful experience will surely come to life at the milestones of life such as taking an examination and getting a job in the future.

In the future of children, I believe that the ability to achieve goals and the ability to survive will determine their lives.

The period of facing children is short, and parenting is only once.

We want to give children the best gifts of "success" and "growth" for a lifetime.

With that wish, I started the piano class.

Why don't you feel "success" and "growth" together with your mother, father, and children?

We will tell you the know-how and will do our best to support you.

​ Maya Yamashita

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