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​ Piano lessons for junior high and high school students

​ Lessons from 19:00 at night that can be done in parallel with cram schools, schools, and club activities.

We support everything from piano beginners to music school exam preparation.

(Monthly fee depends on piano experience)


We offer night lessons for junior high school and high school students who are busy studying, school events, cram schools and preparatory schools.

In order to study the piano in parallel with club activities and cram schools, it is absolutely necessary to manage the time.

Why don't you take advantage of the night lesson frame?


The piano I've always admired. It's too late now. .. ..

Have you given up?

The beginning is when I decided to try it.

Nothing is "slow".

As a junior high school student, his athletic ability and learning ability are fully developed, so he is old enough to start reading music and playing both hands smoothly.

Please be assured that we will propose a textbook that suits each person after asking about their goals.

<Piano learning experience >

I quit once, but I want to start playing the piano again.

I've been doing this for a long time, but I want to play the piano more professionally.

I'm looking for a classroom that can be continued at my own pace.

I'm looking for a classroom in my neighborhood that supports evening lessons in consideration of compatibility with my studies.

Why don't you play the piano comfortably according to your "lifestyle"?

It is also possible to use the previously used text as it is.

​ Both beginners and experienced people want to learn the piano while balancing their studies! I support the student.

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