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​ Piano Competition Course (Age does not matter)

​ This is a guidance for those who challenge the competition.

[1 time 30 minutes x 3 times a month, 15,000 yen a month]

​ After the competition, you can feel the growth that you can't tell.

A piano competition where some early children are challenged by younger children.

At our school, we use the piano competition to set goals, accumulate successful experiences, and build confidence.

Taking advantage of the award-winning experience at the Chopin International Competition IN ASIA, including the national student music competition, which is said to be the most difficult, and the famous Pitina Piano Competition, we select competitions that match each student's goals and learning situation. ..

At the competition, we will study "music that impresses others" instead of "music that makes sound".

For about half a year at the longest, learning to face the assignment song and dig into the details will help you to acquire "toughness" that will be useful for studying for entrance exams later, and at the same time, you can see how your performance changes with your family. Since it can be shared, it will be a lesson that makes the whole family feel meaningful.

Children who participate in national competitions will be able to play wonderful songs like CDs.

Winners will also be awarded a shiny trophy, plaque and certificate. The applause from many people and the scenery from the top of the stage will be a successful experience that your child will never forget.

Only half a year. Not only children but also fathers and mothers will feel the growth that makes a mistake.

Our original counseling will guide you through the practice method, how to spend at home, and the way of thinking until the competition.

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