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​ About the Steinway grand piano in our classroom

​ [King of grand pianos installed in famous concert halls around the world]


Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway on Valic Street in Manhattan. For over 30 years, Henry and his sons developed a modern piano. Since then, they have been making one by one, making full use of the techniques that are passed down from generation to generation, from skilled craftsmen to disciples. Steinway has become the piano of choice for 98% of professional artists. (Excerpt from   Steinway & Sons HP)

​ In Japan, D-274 models are placed in famous halls such as "Suntory Hall" and "Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall", and are used by domestic and foreign artists and piano competitions. increase.

​ Also, overseas, it is located at "Carnegie Hall" in New York, and is known to have been loved by historically famous pianists such as Horowitz and Rachmaninoff. It is the highest peak piano.

[In our classroom, we have lessons on the same full concert grand piano (D-274) as the famous concert hall]


There are two grand pianos owned by this classroom. From the first person, we are conducting one-on-one private lessons with the instructor on this grand piano.

[Foreground] Steinway Full Concert Grand Piano D-274 Made in Hamburg

With a depth of 274 cm, this model is the pinnacle of a concert ground with a majestic appearance.

It is overwhelmingly supported by the world's leading pianists and those who pursue the highest standards of musical expression. ( Excerpt from Steinway & Sons HP)

[Back] Steinway Grand Piano B-211 Made in Hamburg

A magnificent grand piano with a depth of 211 cm. This model is called "perfect piano" by many pianists. A well-balanced and easy-to-use piano, ideal for homes, music classrooms, and medium-sized halls. ( Excerpt from Steinway & Sons HP)

Both beginners and preschoolers are taking lessons using the above large grand piano.

​ The instructor will play a model right next to you, so you can immediately "see" the essence necessary for improving your posture, finger position, wrist and arm usage as well as sound and sound. You can listen and learn.

[Anechoic chamber with calculated sound. Achieve a comfortable space that will not get tired no matter how many hours you play]

Lessons are held in a soundproof room that is fully customized with a focus on acoustics .

​ Even if you place a large piano, if the loud sound is too loud or too much is absorbed, the effect of the lesson will be halved.

In order to improve each student's piano skills, we have created an environment where students can listen to the sound, understand it with their heads, and convey it to their fingers.

You can take lessons "comfortably" to catch the delicate changes in tone and reverberation .

A sofa is installed right next to the two grand pianos, and mothers and fathers can also attend lessons.

You can also shoot videos of lesson content and record performances. We have a support system that allows you to practice with high quality even after returning home.

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