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​ Absolute pitch training course



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"Absolute pitch" is the ability to instantly "absolutely" distinguish a scale when it is heard, without comparing it to other sounds .

Surprisingly, this "absolute pitch" is not congenital, but the ability to acquire it with proper training for one day of childhood .

The colorful flags make it fun for young children to practice.

​ At our school, we offer lessons for 5,000 yen per month as an option for piano lessons three times a month .


What is perfect pitch?

It is the ability to instantly "absolutely" determine the scale when you hear a sound.

For example, not only the sound of the piano, but also the sounds of vacuum cleaners and other daily life sounds can be answered in scales.

Therefore, when you listen to music, you can instantly understand the scale and play a song without a score, so you can play the same sound immediately after listening to the instructor's sound during the lesson. It is an extremely effective ability in.


Benefits of perfect pitch

In music education

・ The secret score is fast

・ Singing is fast

・ Since the scale is memorized accurately, the ability to absorb and improve music learning is fast.

You can expect various merits such as.


In addition, there are many families who succeed in getting into the habit of practicing by doing this daily training.





How old can you train?

It is effective to start absolute pitch from an early childhood before you acquire relative pitch.

Ideally, you should start as early as possible after you can communicate . It is said that you will not lose your ability just because you are late, but when you reach the age of 5 to 6, you will be able to compare it with other sounds.


At our school, we recommend that you study in parallel with music learning such as piano from the "pre-introduction" period for around 3 years old before starting piano.


My sons also took a few minutes of lessons a day from the age of two, and by the time they graduated from the nursery school, they had guessed all the scales and chords of 88 keys.


Do I have to prepare something?

To master perfect pitch, you need continuous and correct training at home.

Therefore, you need an electronic piano or piano .


Isn't it possible to train if parents can't play the piano?

That's not true.

In fact, even parents who have never learned the piano have perfect pitch for their children .

We are giving a lecture on training methods for parents so that the training will not be the wrong method. Please be assured.


How can the lesson proceed?

The lesson begins with listening to chords, transitioning from chords to single notes, and finally being able to "absolutely" distinguish all single notes and chords.

We will continue to use colored flags so that even small children can train.


From the experience of training my son, I can understand the difficulty of training in real life and the hardships of mothers and fathers at home.

After that, we will give advice from the mother's point of view, such as the timing of training and how to prepare the environment. ( Click here for our unique counseling)


Why don't you take this opportunity to start absolute pitch training for those who want to establish a learning habit through piano learning or who are thinking of taking an examination ?

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