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​ Rhythmic course (You can start from a child who can sit down)

​ Individual lesson by pianist [1 time 40 minutes, 3 times a month, 8,000 yen a month]

​ <Currently Wednesday 13: 00-Recruiting>
​ This is a rhythmic course that develops good ears and rhythm at the "important time" in the growth of children.

This is a rhythmic lesson for children up to 3 years old (*) with their families (40 minutes each).

< CRECER Piano Class Unique! 3 features >

① Rhythmic guided by a pianist

② Use Steinway's full concert grand piano

③ At the end of the lesson, you will experience a real classical music from an early age with the teacher's live performance "Petit Recital".

As the age of the moon progresses, the things that children can do will increase steadily. Through the lessons, you will acquire "listening", "concentration" and "confidence", learn "rules", and acquire "expressiveness" through various musical approaches. I want to get used to "relationship with people" before entering kindergarten or nursery school. It is the perfect content for your request.

​ Also, because of the small number of people, it is possible to take lessons for each person.

The first step in your child's music is said to be your mother's singing voice.

Why don't you start your child's music education by playing live piano and playing rhythm by a pianist in addition to your mother's singing voice?

​ (*) Children over 3 years old can also start from the pre-piano course (individual piano lesson).

If you can sit in front of the piano and have one-on-one lessons with the instructor, you will be studying in the pre-piano course, where you will learn more about the piano.

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