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​ You can also practice to your heart's content on the Steinway Grand Piano.

We rent a lesson room for our students on an hourly basis.

​ Only when there is no lesson. Please contact us for more information.

江東区 ピアノ教室 ピティナピアノコンペティション コンクール グランドピアノ
​2 for piano practice

The biggest merit of the lesson with two pianos is that you can listen to the sound of the other party. You can expect great practice results.

​ For reviewing lessons

Perfect for those who want to practice in the same environment as the classroom. You can practice while feeling the sound of the sound that is indispensable for improving.

江東区 ピアノ教室 ピティナピアノコンペティション コンクール グランドピアノ
​Before the production

You can practice just like a real concert on the same full concert grand piano as the competition venue and the examination venue. You can also expect the effect of removing tension.

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